Remove Enemies With Voodoo away from your life Weatherford TX

Remove Enemies With Voodoo away from your life Weatherford TX

Remove Enemies With Voodoo,Do you have bad people in your life? People that wanna do you evil? Individuals that want to exploit you and do you harm? Then take your enemies down with voodoo.

Remove Enemies With Voodoo

If you’ve got enemies in your life, they’ll do you nothing but evil. But it can be hard to get rid of them. Especially if they are controlling. It could be anything from somebody that is criminal-minded, a thug, and an out-and-out psychopath. It could be an abusive husband. Or simply nasty neighbors, who are causing you serious grief. Could be crack-heads or alcoholics, both of whom can look to doing you harm due to the need for money to feed their addictions.

All ways round, if you’ve got enemies like this, your life is going to be a misery. If you call the cops, that can make things worse as often the culprits aren’t even locked up. And then your enemies will have it in for you even more.

So what can you do to stop your enemies?Remove Enemies With Voodoo

Well your best bet is to hit your enemies with a curse – a “Kill Hex”. I’m not saying this will necessarily kill them. After all, you might not want that on your conscience. It’s more about hitting them with total devastation. Like the voodoo equivalent of a nuclear strike. You want to wipe out as many aspects of their lives as possible. This is likely to send them crazy and drive them out of your life.

My advice is you create a “Death Shadow” voodoo doll. You can use anything you’ve got to make the doll – cloth from old clothes or whatever you can find. Once you’ve made the Death Shadow doll you need to take it to a graveyard at midnight. Ideally the most baleful, sinister and lonely graveyard you can find.

Better still if you can locate the grave of a murderer. Do some research before going to the graveyard. Make sure you can find the final resting place of somebody very bad.

Once you’ve done that, you can go to the murderer’s grave and dig up a little dirt from it. Put this into your voodoo doll. If you can get some gunpowder, add that too.

Next you need to call up the murderer’s spirit…

You go into a trance to do this and then do a chant for the ghost of the killer to show itself – perhaps only in your mind’s eye, but you’ll feel its presence. This might be quite scary, and to be fair, it is a dangerous thing to do. But what you do is you negotiate with the spirit. You need to have liquor and cigars with you. And you offer these to the spirit on condition it helps you charge up your doll with truly nasty numinous power and direct it at your enemies.

Once the spirit agrees, stick your doll on the grave and leave it there for five minutes to be charged with evil energy. Then leave the liquor and cigars as an offering to the spirit and leave the cemetery, remembering to take your voodoo doll with you. BUT: Remember to walk backwards to the cemetery gates, otherwise the spirit – or other spirits in the graveyard – might follow you home. You really don’t want that.

What you need to do now is deposit your voodoo doll somewhere close to where you enemy lives. You could put it in their garden, or in some undergrowth near their apartment block. If you enemy is an abusive husband or similar, that lives with you, then hide the doll somewhere, such as in a cellar, or in a loft. Leave it there to do it’s baleful and destructive work on your enemy.

If you are still having trouble with an enemy, drop me an email and we can discuss the best way forwards to deal with them.

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